Fave Product Alert – GrandeLASH-MD Serum

After my 6 month stretch of lash extensions, I was in desperate need of lash help. I had very sparse and short lashes, and resorted to wearing false strip lashes for a while as my lashes were trying so desperately to grow back. My best girlfriend Melissa let me in on a little secret for long, full lashes, and that girlfriend is GrandeLASH-MD. After about 3/4 weeks of using the serum on my upper and lower lashes (morning & night), I began to see a significant difference in my sad, broken down lashes. They appeared much longer and fuller than they had even prior to my extension malfunction.

From their website: Longer, thicker looking lashes 100% all yours! GrandeLASH-MD is created with a proprietary blend of vitamins, peptides, and amino acids plus conditioning ingredients. Our award winning eyelash enhancing serum promotes a more youthful, healthy and dramatic lash look. GrandeLASH-MD is safe, effective, and results can be seen in as little as 4 weeks (with full results in 3 months).


  • 97% improved lash appearance (Totes true!!)
  • 94% healthier looking lashes (Also totes true!!)
  • Softer and more conditioned looking lashes
  • Less breakage / less lash loss
  • Makes you look and feel younger can easily fit into your nightly / daily routine

Cost: $39-$49 amazon | $64.95 grandelash.com

Lasting Power: 3 month supply

Where to find it

ONLINE: Amazon.com or www.grandelash.com
San Diego: Beauty by Laura sells it out of her studio for $64.95 www.beautybylaura.com

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